DJ Rob One - SK8 Jam

I'm not certain when this mix was released other than it was after 1993 ,perhaps late 1993 or sometime in 1994. Dedicated to Rob's fellow CBS crew member Aaron "SK8" Anderson who was struck by train and killed in 1993 (Here) The mix features plenty classic joints of era.

Note: Unlike other files on the net my download is not split tracked. You will hear the mix exactly as it should be..... as 2 sided cassette tape. Also I don't have the original mix cover for you so this Skate memorial by Rob One will have to do.

DJ Rob One
Sk8 Jam
(199?) |83 MB|

Side A
More Bounce - Zapp
You Got's To Chill - EPMD
Heed The Word Of The Brother - Xclan
Pay Ya Dues - Low Profile
Atomic Dog - George Clinton
Portrait Of An Artist As A Hood - 3rd Bass
Rapper's Delight - Sugar Hill Gang
Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys
Brick House - Commodores
Dazz - Brick

Side B
So Whatcha Want - EPMD
Funky Enough - The DOC
Grand Groove - intelligent Hoodlum
Top Billin' - Audio Top
PSK Whats Does It Mean Instrumental/Rockin It Blend - Schoolly D & Fearless Four
Slow Down - Brand Nubian
Hold It Now, Hit It - Beastie Boys
Dope Man - NWA
Happy B-Day Shout 88' - Rob One
Friends - Whodini
Genius Of Love - Tom Tom Club
The Message - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
Tribute To Sk8 Mix - Rob One

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Unknown said...

ah man. thanks for posting this. i bought it at the skate memorial and have been looking for it since. almost 20 years. thank you thank you thank you

Unknown said...

First of all RIP Dj Rob One and RIP SK8. Now my reason for posting a comment is that Ive been looking for this specific mixtape since I got it jacked when my car was broken into in the late 90s. I had bought the original mixtape in 1993 at the SK8 memorial on 6th and Rampart in L.A. Dj RobOne was spinning a set and had them tapes for like $5. I tried downloading it but it seems the link is no longer active. If by any miraculous chance this post is read by the person who uploaded this mix, PLEASE upload it again or PLEASE contact me at graffitijunkee at yahoo dot com so i can posssibly score a copy of this tape.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

You can find it here:
<a href="'></a>

Unknown said...

Yo Dynamic THANKS for the quick reply but unfortunately the link dont work, it just redirects me to a website called

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

I gave you a link to find the mix and you did not go there. Read my comment again.

Unknown said...

yo that one worked! Thanks alot Dynamic, much appreciated!
I have a bunch of other old radio mixes on tapes, dj mixtapes, my mixes and a whole lot of underground hip hop vinyl if your interested in getting copies or trade mixes, or whatever. Ive been collecting since the late 80s. feel free to hit me up if your interested, im always down to hook up with other music collectors.