Soulful Sounds - 80's Midtempo Mix

DJ Steve King displays quite a superb selection of 80's RnB in the mix from the archives of Soulful Sounds.

DJ Steve King
Soulful Sounds
80's Midtempo Mix
(2012)| 37 MB|

Patti Austin - Test Of Time
Full Circle - I Can't Find A Love
Chapter 8 - Stronger Love
Evelyn "Champagne" King - When Your Heart Says Yes
Chucki Booker - Games
Danny Madden - Facts of Life
Wooten Brothers - I'd Rather Be With You (Dub)
The Affair - If Only You Where Mine
Rick Clarke - Perfect Lady
James Robinson - Just What I've Been Missing
Thomas Estorine - Do You
Billy Always - Back On Track
Robbie Mychals - Call Me
Tease - Tingle
Gerry Woo - Help Yourself

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