Rock Rhymes & Re Edits 3

I wasn't sure if I it was possible for me to finish volume 3 within of Rock,Rhymes & Re Edits series this month but luckily I found some time to complete this project and move on to another mix. The same with 2010's volumes One and Two this is NOT a blends mix nor remix album. It is more of mixture of both concepts.

The Dynamic Hamza 21
Rock Rhymes & Re Edits 3
(2012) |65 MB|

Aerosmith ft. Beau Sia - Dream On (Re Edit)
The Cranberries - Zombie (Re Edit)
Xzibit ft. Sevendust - Paparazzi  (Remix)
Three Days Grace ft. Beau Sia - I Hate Everything About You (Re Edit)
The Vincent Black Shadow - The Taste Of Copper (Re Edit)
Incubus - Drive (Re Edit)
MC Ren ft Tool - Ruthless For Life (Remix)
POD ft. Dawn Saylor - Youth Of Nation (Re Edit)
Evanescence - Oceans (Re Edit)
Jonathan Davis ft. Raphael Casal - Not Meant For Me (Re Edit)

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