Mac Dough - The Wreck Shop

Over 2 hours of Hip Hop by Mac Dough in this his fifth instalment in the Dust Your Tape Deck Series.

Mac Dough
Dust Your Tape Deck
The Rah Rah Tape No. 5
The Wreck Shop
(2012) |255 MB|

MF Grimm - Crumbsnatchers
Fat Joe - You Must Be Out Of Your Fuckin' Mind
Hyenas in the Desert - Othe Side of Midnight
Cru - Bluntz & Bakakeemis
Not responsible - Hankin For A Hunka Cheese
Large Professor :Spacey
D-Stroy - Off the Wall
Sons of Sam - It's Like That
Big L - MVP (Buckwild Remix)
Shorty Long ‎- Shorty'z Doin' His Own Thang
Shanow - Remedy Man (Known As The Shanow)
Kukoo da Bag a Bonez - Sleepin on the Enemy - Sergent records
Propo'88 & Blabbermouth - Boogiewitdaruffneck - Sergent Records
Mista Melo - In the Cut - Sergent Records
Ego / Ellmatic / Rawberry - Funky 2 + 1 Demo (scratches - Calhoun) - Sergent Records
Ruggedness Maddrama - Checkin down the Menu
Horror City - MC Hustler
World Renown - How Nice I Am (SID Remix)
T.D.S Mob - Dope for the Folks (Props Remix)
Lord Aaquil - Kick it Like This
Cash Crew - Bring it Down
Indikator - The Indikator Remix
Labtekwon - Pharaoh of the Kayo
Voodoo - Nasty Nigga
Suspekt - Straight from the Heart
£ords of Rap - Where Does The Xtra 3 Quid Go?
Tha 9-X Crew - Smoked Hickory
Flatbush Natives - Big Up
Roguish Armament - Bodega
The Bums - Rain
Ego the Baptist & Propo'88 - Egotrip - Sergent Records
Black Sheep - City Lights
Ideal J - Show Bizness
Keith Murray - Herb is Pumpin'
Meyhem Lauren - I got the Fever
Real Live - Iceberg Slick
Consequence / Mobb Deep - Queens gets the Money
Fat Joe & Armageddon - Big Apple gone Rotten (Remix)
Hi Tech - the Tech's Technique
Blak Twang - Mr. Jam Promotah
Scientists of Sound :What's the Reh Reh
Hillfiguz - Not Enuff Time
Call O Da Wild - Clouds of Smoke
The Bums - Take a Look Around (Groovebumz Remix)
GhostFace Killah - Marvel
Danny Brown - Re-Up
Celph Titled & Buckwild - Swashbuckling
Hidden Identity - Pure Rudeness
Ewrection - Mixed Up
Props - Props (Bring it On)
Shazam X feat. Percee P & Sick Lyrical Damager - Respect Costs More Than Money
The Beatnuts - Back 2 Back
Ego The Baptist & Propo '88 - 71.1 Freestyle Session - Sergent Records
Action Bronson - Shiraz
A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again (Caligari Remix) - Sergent Records
Big O - Schmoov wit tha Ruffness
Group Home - East New York Theory
Da' Enna C. - You Can't Use My Pen
the Next Wavelength - Push Come To Shove
Huss & Hodn - Der Stoff, aus dem die Regenschirme sind
M.T - Set it Off
MSI & Asylum :Bwoy Wah Ya Tek Dis Fah
Born in Hell - The Boom
The Nonce - World Ultimate
Big Joe Krash - Break The Chain
East Of The Rock - Galaxy Rays
3 Times Dope - Gimme dat Beat
Ill Distracxion - No Mc's
Ideal J - Comme Personne Ne L'A ...

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