DJ Heavy - Heavy Rotation Vol 8

I know I enjoyed all volumes within DJ Heavy's Heavy Rotation series, I hope all you did also. It's becoming rare these days to find a series of mixes devoted to genuine Hip Hop it feels to good to know I'm not the only one still making Hip Hop mixes.

DJ Heavy
Heavy Rotation Vol 8
(2012) | 183 MB|

Intro - DJ Heavy
American Dream - Quarintine featuring Magniff
Jesus Walks (Remix) - Kanye West featuring Mase
Breathe Slow (Eloy Remix) - Mars ILL
[more] Pawns [than] Dons - LMNO
Let It Go - BlackSoil Project
Pandamonium - Luke Garety featuring Pigeon John & Red Cloud
Total Eclipse - Stu Dent featuring Relic
Emergency Broadcast - Playdough
Natural - SolSeekers11. Cost Of Freedom - Fiti Futuristic featuring Sev Statik
Life Goes On - Pigeon John featuring Abstract Rude
Pangea - Visionaries
Resume - Mad Prophets
Unorthodox - Lojique
Hiphop Music - Braille featuring Rob Swift
A Request - Ohmega Watts
Love Is Dead (When) - Flynn
I Dont Care - Dale Baker
Hype - Bobby Bishop
three.two.One - Eloy
Sunstep - Mars ILL
Southern Brutality - Underground Rise
Gonna Be Alright - L.A. Symphony
Fisheye - Future Shock
Love - New Breed
Stereo Phenomanon - Malachi Perez
Down-town - Manafest
Re-Balance - DJ DNA
M.I.C. - Sev Statik
Just Rock - KabOose
This Far... - Boombox Titans
Celebration - The Procussions
Good Citizens - BlackSoil Project
Selector - Lifesavas featuring J-Live
Joey - Joey The Jerk
For Christs Sake - JustMe & Cas Metah
Rhythm - Soul Plasma featuring Ohmega Watts
eMotional - Listener
Only One - John F. MacArthur

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