DJ Heavy - Heavy Rotation Volume 7

Volume seven dips more into independent Hip hop than the other volumes of DJ Heavy's Heavy Rotation.The previous volumes contained a more grittier boom bap sound but volume seven has plenty of underground joints to satify true heads.

DJ Heavy
Heavy Rotation
Volume 7
(2012) | 183 MB|

Jam Master Jay - DJ Times Interview
DJ Heavy - Vol 7 Intro
Jayem - Karma
Mum's The Word Feat. LMNO - People Keep Movin
Skhool Yard - Fashion Show
S.U.N. - Super Scientifical
Aceyalone - Perfect Romance
Rjd2 - The Proxy9. Mark Ep - Extra Pimpin'
Lacks & Mia Simone - Get It
Lacks Feat. Conflict & Bonny Ross - Comprende
Roast Feat. Rat Finc - I Might
P-Dog - You Ain't Listening Hard Enough
Wildchild Feat. Percee P & Medaphoar - Knicknack 2002
Jay Dee Feat. Frank-N-Dank - Take Dem Clothes Off
Jewels - Shake It
Insight - That Sh!T Ain't Hot
El-P - Dead Disnee
Eloy - It'z Eloy
Jaylib - The Message / It's Not Worth It Sometimes
Uncle Ill - Freestyle
Athletic Mic League Feat. Invincible - Got 'Em Sayin'
Slum Village - Get Live!
Defari - Smack Ya Face
Edo.G - Rise & Shine2
Cage - Escape To '88
Defiant - Seemed Like The Real Thing
The Ground - All We Got Matt G - Uhh
Miz Korona - Game Over
Hush Feat. Cadillac Dale - Detroit Players
J-Zone - S.L.A.P.33. King Tee & Phil The Agony - Back Up
Ant Lew And Maximum - Maximum
Old World Disorder - Rap Sh!T
Emanon - Andyadon'tstop
Brother El - Fade It
Hex Murda - Wedontlikenunofyall!!
Tha Almighty Dreadnaughtz - Get Down
Paradime - The Liquor Store Shakespeare
Obie Trice - Rap Name (Remix)
Shanrock Feat. The Starving Artists Crew - Provocative43. DJ Js-1 Feat. O.C. - Beyond
Subterraneous Crew - River Runs Wild
One Man Army - Waterworld
Truth Enola - All Alone
Diverse - Certified
Non Phixion - If You Got Love49. Large Professor - Radioactive
Pmc & Money Feat. Proof - Stainless
Ron Dada - Freestyle52. 7L & Esoteric - Watch Me
DJ Revolution Feat. Baby Blak - Trading Places
Mykill Miers - You Don't Wanna...
Paradime - Dirt
Royce Da 5'9" & Pretty Ugly - Spit Game
Wasted Youth - Freaks
Big Tone - Beiatches
Jc.Inquisitive Feat. DJ Heavy - Vol 7 Outro

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