DJ Heavy - Heavy Rotation Volume 6

Volume six of Heavy Rotation by DJ Heavy is a little longer than the previous volumes coming at 79 minutes of pure Hip Hop goodness.

DJ Heavy
Heavy Rotation Volume 6
(2012) | 179 MB|

DJ Heavy - Vol 6 Intro
Jayem - Spit First
Royce da 59 - Boom
Masterminds - Joints 2000
All Natural - Stellar Memo
Masta Ace & Bald Head Slick - Conflict
Yeshua DaPoed ft. DJ Revolution- A Different Design
Telapathmath f/ Paradime & Bizarre - Last House On The Left
DJ Rec Interlude
EP The Energy Provider - 1st Round Draft Pick
Lacksidaisycal - You Dont Wanna Be Me
Talib Kweli & Hi Tek ft. Rah Digga & Xzibit - Down For The Count
Phife Dawg - Flawless
Phat Kat ft. DJ Dez- Dont Nobody Care About Us
Black Eyed Peas - BEP Empire
Tak & 4 Zone - Let It Bump
Quasimoto - Hittin Hooks
Johnny Lawrence & Roast - Whod You Think This Was?
Uncle Ill ft. DJ Heavy - Heavy Rotation
House Shoes Interlude
Elzhi ft. Magnetic- Music
Mission: - Contagious
Rakaa Iriscience - Copenhagen (Claimin Respect)
Montana - Mine
Cash Brown & Royce da 59 - Double Homicide
Cali Agents - Neva Forget
Sayliva ft. Payperkutt - As Live As It Gets
End Of Side One Interlude
Paradime - Girls I Like
Outsidaz - Keep On
Beace ft. DJ Phrikshun - Beast Within
Encore ft. Grand The Visitor & DJRevolution - Considadis
Dilated Peoples - No Retreat (Kutmasta Kurt Remix)
Visionaries - Together Or Separate (Remix)
Hush - Get Ya Shit Straight
K-Nice Interlude
Big L - Holdin It Down
Phat Kat - Dedication To The Suckers
DJ Revolution ft. Chase Infinite, Krondon, Planet Asia & Rasco - The Backbone
Defari - Worldwide
Sun - Black Quarterback
Juice & Cassidy - F*ckin Wit My Team?!
Big Cool Freestyle
Adanya, Dot Right, Amedeus & Specs of the Black Lagoon - Check It In
Tha Almighty Dreadnaughtz & One Man Army Interlude
Knightrail Regime of Tha Almighty Dreadnaughtz - Lecture
Mr. Lif - Front On This
Brass Munk - Live Ordeal!
Nova Cain - The Purpose
The Bad Seed - For The Kids
Akbar ft. Fred-1- Hip Hop Is
JC.Inquisitive - Music Revolution
The Ground - Balance

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