Hidden Gems - Puerto Roc Posse - Tumba La Casa

Here's the first in a new feature coming to DSFL "Hidden Gems". This is where I post some little known track or forgot great track from Hip Hop/Soul/Funk/RnB .

This track is from local emcee from around my way named Cool Hec C. I'm not quite sure when it was released if I remember correctly it was late 1989 or in 1990. Despite the name Tumba La Casa ("Rock The House") it is not in spanish. Those with discerning ears will notice that this sampled based track features two prominent samples of Lyn Collins Think and Apache by the Invisible Bongo Band as well as few other samples. Also If you listen closely you can hear Hec C shout out Phyz Ed's name twice in song.

I remember around the time when this song was due to be recorded that De La Vie (R.I.P.) was supposed to perform the scratches on this song but I don't what happened in that situation and even today I don't who "DJ Fuego One" is or even if he even existed. I only met Hec C once in 1994 so I never got the chance to ask about the whole situation. However whomever done the cuts the scratches do fit the song nicely.

The image below is second label re-release which happened a few months after the initial release. The original label that I remember was all red and contained no Bboy graphic in the background. Moreover there is no Side A or Side B both sides contain the exact label and songs.

Puerto Roc Posse
Tumba La Casa
(1989) |24 MB|

Tumba La Casa
Tumba La Casa instrumental

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Unknown said...

Song was done in 88, DJ Fuego 1 did the cuts, RIP to DeLaVie thanks for the write up... Appreciate it..

Unknown said...

This is when it was real. Hec's flow was light years ahead of the game. I'm proud to say that I was there with him during this time. Mad props to Puerto Roc... Danny D