Calhoun aka Mac Dough - Dust your Tapedeck - The Rah Rah Tape No 4

Mac Dough is back with volume 4 within his Dust Your Tapedeck series. What happened to volume 3? Well it's a mix filled with French Hip Hop that I felt many would not be feel so I never posted it but those who want to hear it here's a link (Here).

Now back to volume 4 this fast paced mix is definitely  worth a place within your mix/mixtape collection. Sorry no tracklist however for those with the music knowledge if you can correctly write a full tracklist you can win 100 euros ($120 approximately) in cash or 120 ($150 approximately) euros in goods from More details Here

Calhoun aka Mac Dough
Dust your Tapedeck:
The Rah Rah Tape No 4
#Cash Money Gorilla$#
(2012) | 150 MB|

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