The Dynamic Hamza 21 - Rise & Shine: The Spooks

Volume 2 of on my Rise & Shine series features music from one of the best Hip Hop groups to come on the scene in the 21st century....The Spooks. Many have overlooked the group over the years yet with only two albums 2000's "S.I.O.S.O.S" and 2003's "Faster Than You Know" The Spooks have made their mark in Hip Hop as one of the few groups in new century that has produced quality classic music.

Unfortunately mainstream success was elusive for group who's sound was considered too alternative to mainstream Hip Hop heads. At this point it's unknown if the group is disbanded or not. The death of Water Water, who left the group in 2002 and died a few days before the release the Spooks second album really halted what momentum the crew had.

As of today Ming Xia the lead singer of group has released a few mixtapes and had a few guest vocals over the years. Most recently on Chali 2na's 2009 song 4 Be Be. The other members Booka T,Joe Davis & Hypno are sadly nowhere to be seen. Despite this people are still discovering the great music from this phenomenal group.

If you don't know now is your time to experience the Spooks...Hypno,Booka T,Joe Davis,Ming Xia & Water Water (RIP).

The Dynamic Hamza 21
Rise & Shine:
The Spooks
(2012) |99 MB|

Karma Hotel
They Don't Know
Swindley's Maracas
Faster Than You Know
Flesh Not Bone
Something Fresh
Part Of The Game
Other Script
More To Learn
Hell No
Don't Be Afraid
In On It
The Mission
Sweet Revenge



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