DJ A Rock - Old School Electro Funk Mixtape

Recorded back in 1988 this is the kind of mixes I grew up listening to. Back then almost every DJ had a mixtape featuring these songs. Although I heard many of these songs too many times to count still I never tired of hearing them especially if they are mixed well as DJ A Rock does in this mix.

DJ A Rock
Old School Electro Funk Mixtape
(1988) |115 MB|

Side A
Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
Play It At Your Own Risk - Planet Patrol
Under The Boardwalk - Old School A-rock Blend
Get Some - Pretty Tony
Numbers - Kraftwerk
Electric Kingdom - Twilight 22
What People Do For Money - Divine Sounds
Lookout Weekend - Debbie Deb
Techni-color - Channel One
Naughty Boy - Uncle Jamms Army
Egypt, Egypt - Egyptian Lover
Fix It In The Mix - Pretty Tony
These Are My Beats - Rodney O
R-9 - Cybotron
Side B
Dont Stop The Rock - Freestyle
When I Hear Music - Debbbie Deb
Clear - Cybotron
Jam The Box - Pretty Tony
The Beat Goes On - Orbit
I Know You Love Me - Trinere
Rockberry Jam - L.A. Dream Team
Can You Feel The Beat - Lisa Lisa
I Need A Freak - Sexual Harassment
We Want Some P***y - 2 Live Crew
Girls - Egyptian Lover
Take A Chance - Nuance
Jam On It - Newcleus
Square Dance Rap (Remix) - Sir-mix-alot


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