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What a week we're having on internet. The demise of two of the oldest blogs/sites in Hip Hop blogosphere Musical Schizophrenia and Mexican Taint. It's not shocking but quite surprising it has come to this. The shutdown of megaupload and threatened shutdown of other sites as well as the quality of music has left the Hip Hop blogosphere in severe state of uncertainty. Of course the Hip Hop blogs will never go away or be just abandoned like what occur with Islamic blogs in 2008 but going forward the mixtape/mix blogosphere is going have to change.

Personally I'm fed up with hearing mixes with the same tracklist or with substandard music like dubstep,Top 40 crap, etc. I have stated back in July 2010 (Here) that after returning to blogging I would continue to 2012. At the time I was considering ending DSFL on second anniversary of my return (July 2012) but over these past two years I have decided to evolve and expand DSFL to something more than just a mixtape blog.

Honestly after digging for mixes these past few weeks I don't think I can last until July to change the site so with that DSFL will change with new site design and other changes coming on May 14, 2012, the release date of Rise & Shine 3 .

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