Turntable Science - Extended Techniques Vol 1

What began as a genre infused with creativity has over the years descended into a circle jerk of guys trying outdo one another cutting two sounds only ('Ahh" and "Fresh") over simple horrid electro beats. Turntablism at this state is on it's last legs destined to be forgotten by future music lovers but this album from 2009 by Romania's Turntable Science is a decent boombap laced effort worth a listen. Not the best turntablism album ever produced but it's surely worth your attention.

Turntable Science
Extended Techniques Vol 1
(2009) | 62 MB|

Enter The 4th Turntablists Feat Grand Wizard Theodore
Jazz Vibes
Dj's Cut 4 U Feat Jay(Shy Beatz) & Kioru(H8)
Check The Dark Side
Music to Be Murdered Feat Dj Wiz & Stefan Mureseanu Bring The Boom Bap
Down Tempo
Sesiune Feat. Carbon
Turntable Science-Remix2009


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