The Dynamic Hamza 21 - Rise & Shine: Adriana Evans

So it begins my new mix series dedicated to artists that never got recognition and acclaimed they deserved.

I've been a fan of Adriana Evans ever since her debut was released in 1997. Through the years many took notice but due to changing music industry she never received the mainstream success she deserved. With the success of British soul singers like Adele, Amy Winehouse and Duffy you would think the industry would gladly love a sensational artist like Adriana Evans in their roster. However even though it was reported she signed to Sony Music it appears she is no longer  apart of the Sony Music family. So for now it seems only true fans and lovers of good music can appreciate her artistry. With that I bring you 21 tunes from the fantastic Soul singer Adriana Evans.

The Dynamic Hamza 21
Rise & Shine:
Adriana Evans
(2012) |100 MB|

Set In Stone
World On Fire
Let You Get Away
To Know You (Soul Mix)
Love Is All Around (Bass Remix)
Underneath The Stars
In Search Of
Before You
Never Knew
El Sol
Never Thought
Walking With The Night
Calling Me
Summer Time
All For Love
Hey Now



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