DJ Vajra - I Live For the Funk: A Live Mix

Although I always though DJ Vajra mad skill recently his sets in RedBull three style battles and DMC left me with me with longing for the old Vajra.....the hip hop deejay who always rocked ill tunes. Anybody who reads DSFL regularly knows Hamza 21 is no fan of edm music so Vajra's foray into electro leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Hearing this spectacular Hip Hop based Funk mix from last year is pretty disheartening. Vajra is after all the first deejay to send me a mix way back in 2008. So it's depressing to hear a "Hip Hop deejay" throw down a great mix and leave that to chase trends and jump on the electro/dubstep bandwagon.

What happened to the Hip Hop deejay? I can not for the life of me understand why are people afraid to be a Hip Hop DJ. I just don't get it.

DJ Vajra
I Live For the Funk:
A Live Mix
(2011) | 69 MB|

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