DJ Shame - Traveling Through Sample Land (Live)

Very rare mixtape right here! Released back in 1993 around the time when many deejays were starting to spin the breaks this mix definitely is not the best samples mix you'll hear but it does contain plenty of funky samples. Mixed by the Vinyl Reanimators very own DJ Shame this is one for your collection.

DJ Shame
Traveling Through
Sample Land (Live)
(1993) | 131 MB|

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Repo said...

Thanks for this, downloading now.

Do you have Volume 2? I used to have it years back but lost it along the way. Truly a dope mix.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Sorry I don't have a link but you can ask the guys at Mix Kingdom for a reup.They posted the mix awhile back so maybe they can help you out.