DJ Iron & D-Purpose - Funkin For Jamaica

Although I am a hardcore Hip Hop head and love other forms of music Reggae is a genre I never delved into. Reggae almost seem to slow and boring for my taste (thought I can get into some riddim at times) but this mix by DJ Iron & D-Purpose is kind of Reggae mix I could feel. This new mix is more based upon Funk styled Reggae than the typical rocksteady reggae others may be used to.

DJ Iron & D-Purpose
Funkin For Jamaica
(2012) |83 MB|


DJ Iron


The Dynamic Hamza 21®

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Eric Nord said...

There is a ton of crossover between American and Jamaican music. Jamo over at has been dropping mixes in this vein. Some of my favorite music right here.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

I do follow Jamo's blog but haven't downloaded any of those mixes maybe now I give some a listen. Plus he uses Rapidshare and Rapidshare doesn't work for me. It stalls every other minute so it can take an hour just to download something that should take only 20 minutes.

Eric Nord said...

Man, this mix is great! It has a lot in common with Muro & Cojie's "Black Funk" mix. But it is true that Rapidshare is sloooow. It took me almost two hours to download one of Jamo's latest posts. On the other hand, Jamo is posting big high quality files. I'm not sure which other file hosts accept 200MB+ files. I've had a love/hate relationship with Rapidshare. On one hand they are slow and stingy, but they also survived this latest wave of shutdowns.