DJ Arbie Won - DJ Arbie Won is the Beatraveler

DJ Arbie Won is no stranger to DSFL readers and it's been awhile since last we heard from him but now he's back with a superb..SUPERB..instrumental album.

As of late I'm haven't been too keen on beat tapes or instrumental albums. Ever since a few years ago every beatmaker jumped on the bandwagon to try to make glitchy third rate Dilla-esque beats I have soured on beat tapes. However this album is different it has a more Jazzy/Trip Hop/Boom Bap feel than the regular glitchy noise you have hear on other beat tapes. if you love sounds you here below you'll love this album.

DJ Arbie Won
DJ Arbie Won is the Beatraveler
(2102) | 77 MB|


Arbie Won


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TKR said...

thanks for sharing bro!! more power peace