Mac Dough - Dust your Tapedeck - The Rah Rah Tape No 2

I know heads worldwide loved volume one (Here) now DJ Calhoun aka Mac Dough is back with volume 2.

DJ Calhoun aka Mac Dough
Dust your Tapedeck:
The Rah Rah Tape No 2
(2012) |148 MB|

Odd Squad - I Can't See
The Future Sound - Bop Step
Raw G - Busykickinrhymes2therythem
Sham and The Professor - Coney Island
Tony D - Tony Don't Play That
Mcm - I Got Soul (Trunk A Funk Mix)
Run Dmc - Get Open
Cypress Hill - Lick A Shot (Baka Boyz Remix)
Jaz B Lat'n - Set It Off
Strange Behavior - 2 Peas In A Bucket
Asphalt Poetry - Lyrical Decay
Undaworld - Fuck Work
Yaggfu Front - Slappin Suckas Silly
Lord Finesse - You Know What I'm About
Onyx - Shiftee Remix
Doomsday Project - Step Up Front
Freestyle Professors - Your Pocket's Been Picked
Mc Essential & Awol - Bring It Up
Da Henchmen - What U Gonna Do ?
Black Madness - Wild Brooklyn Bandits
Greyson and Jasun - Livin Like A Troopa Remix
Legion Of Dume - Son Of Sam
The Hoodz - Pull Out Your Gatz Remix
Okey Doke - Who's Da One Rappin
Apple and Orange - I Kick Da Flava
Born Discipline - Brothers Wanna Clown Around
2 To The Heat - Dance Wit The Devil
Funkmaster Flex & Nine Double M - Talk About The Green
Rahmel - Straight Out Of Brooklyn
Renaissance - Flyz In Da Attic
Finsta - Payday Is Bliss
Mc Cash - At The Drop Of A Dime
Double X Possee - Girls Be Frontin
No Concept - Help Us We're Dope
The Runaways Slave - Booty Mission
Little Shawn - Keep Ya Distance
Ll Cool J - I Get Busy
Percee P - Lung Collapsing Lyrics
Rough House Survivers - Straight From The Soul
Red Hot Lover Tone - Gigalow Thing
Phase N' Rhythm - Swollen Pockets
The Chief Groovy Lou - Ain't Got Nuttin
Lord Ishawn and The Bronx Outlaws - Microphone Check
Crazy Sam and Da Verbal Assassins - 5 Boros
Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo Remix
The Hansoul Project - For The Niggas
Da Bush Babees - Swing It (Jazzyness)
Umc's - Staten Island Comes First
Kaotic Style - Let A Nigga Flow
Money Boss Players - Nighty Night
Dougie Dee - Do You Wanna Ride Remix
Black Poets - The Hand That Robs The Cradle
Shadasious - Phunck What You Heard Remix
Fatal - Pass The Kronz
Kool G Rap - Hey Mister
Crusaders Of Real Hip-Hop - La Cosa Nostra
Gello Tha Hip-Hop Scholar - Unified Hip-Hop Nation


DJ Calhoun aka Mac Dough


The Dynamic Hamza 21®

Hip Hop since 1982.

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