The Dynamic Hamza 21 - The Pleasure of Listening 2

When I first made Pleasure Of Listening back in 2010 it was meant to be a one-off mix not a series but after finishing with my Afternoon Delight series of mixes I had a couple of re edits that I didn't work in to that series and decided to them combine into this new mix Pleasure Of Listening 2.

As with 2010's Volume one Pleasure Of Listening 2 contains reworked versions of some solid Pop & RnB tunes. Some people call them remixes or re-drums but I prefer to call them Re edits.

Also on the DSFL front Mediafire deleted my links again so I deleted my account. Soon I will be reuploading some of my mixes to other sites soon. Links to all volumes of the True School Beatdown series should posted by tonight but my other mixes (Afternoon Delight,LMNO,The Roots Part II) I won't have links for them until sometime later this week.

The Dynamic Hamza 21
The Pleasure of Listening 2
(2012) | 106 MB|

Kelley Mak - Simply Complicted (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Madonna - Human Nature (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
The Script - Breakeven (Falling To Pieces) (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
LFO - Girl On TV (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Nikka Costa - Some Kind Of Beautiful (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Lisa Stansfield - You Can Do That (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Stevie Wonder - That Girl (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Phil Collins ft. Lil Kim - I Missed Again (Hamza 21 Remix)
The System - You Are In My System (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Marc Anthony ft. Heavy D - I Need To Know (Hamza 21 Remix)
Duran Duran - Save A Prayer (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Stevie Nicks - Stand Back (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Santana ft. Michelle Branch - Game Of Love (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Jose Feliciano - Billie Jean (Hamza 21 Re Edit)
Cunnie Williams ft. Monie Love - Saturday (Hamza 21 Re Edit)



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