DJ Real - It's All Real

This reminds of the mid 90's listening to numerous mixshows that used be on the radio. I know many of you may not take on listening to a mix with newer songs that most never heard before but if you're not stuck in 90's you 'll plenty of solid Hip Hop joints.

DJ Real
It's All Real
(2012) |45 MB|

Pandorum - Rozewood
Champion - Raka Irrescience Produced by Illmind
Black & Brown - Black Milk & Danny Brown
Women are the New Dogs - Saigon
1,2, Yall - Sean Price
Hold On - Little Brother
Mic & Me - Fortillive
Conquer The World - Rampage
What's The Answer - Lee Bannon f/ S.T.R.E.E.T (Termanology and Easy Money)
Vodka and Ayahuasca - Gangrene (Oh No and Alchemist)
Thin Line - Reks
Pink Panther - Funky DL
It's a Love Think - C.L. Smooth
Queen (Hip Hop) - Soul Supreme
Love is Gone - Jaz O
The Upgrade - J - Live
Shining Star - Slum Village
Desegregation - Actual Proof
Jus Biz - Diverse

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