DJ FYO - Beats To The Vibes 2

Word Is Bond and Japan's DJ FYO combine to take you on musical journey of some good vibes and good sounds. At first I was a little leery of listening to an (mostly) instrumental mix since these days most producers are into that glitchy Dilla-esque sound but this mix by Japan's DJ FYO is good and decent. It flows pretty well and is worth a listen

Beats To the Vibes 2
(2012) |127 MB|

Marte - Big Joe (Shout Out By Shux Wun)
Head Lock - Beatsofreen
Source - Screw
Masterbeat - NonoBeats
Fly Away - Good Hair (Nezbeat & Joe Good)
That Place - Point Blank
Off & On Love - Probe Dms
Муза Скат - Последний раз
Indica - Fate & Switch B
Hedplain - holografik loops
Transport - Infantry
Morning In Barcelona - D-Sisive
Alright - Mara Hruby
Coast - Kompound
On the jazz tip - Mr. Moods meets Tack-Fu
Keep Your Worries feat. John Robinson & Jocelyn Ellis - The Beast
Green Onions - L On The Beat
Heavy Foot - Pigeondust
horsefeathers - bugseed
mad - Madhandmade
Here I Go - Kadaj Da Kid
I Gotta Go - Acid Reign
Prepare feat. DJ Cazal - Mr Free & The Misanthropist
In the Park (J.Period Remix) feat. Black Thought
Isis Canya Reial
mpls to san fran - Benzilla
beautifullest thing - zebrahim
Be Vibes - ALTERfix
A N G E L - B.Lewis
Just Chillin - Rkappa
Trails Of History - Ju-Ar
Brand Nu Live (Imperial Remix) - J-Live
Project Blowed - Evolve One
The Crown - The Good Sin x .4 Rog
Nice 'n Salty - Johnny Boy
Unga Bunga (Denver Remix) - Joe Kickass
37The Girls, The Weed - Sango
38Places - Shlohmo
39Fuse - Evil Needle
40Alone - J&D (Shout Out By Shux Wun)

Beats To the Vibes 2
(Another Side)
(2012) | 86 MB|

Semuta - Dr. Quandary (Shout Out by Shux Wun)
The Eutopia Mix - MF Love
Space Bird Stomp - Matty Melks
beat37 - Rokjoma
Afro B-Boy - Teck-Zilla
Lawal's Safe Return - K Hands
Then - Slippery Elm & AstroLogical
Orange Crush feat. Lurrell Low - Kung Foo Grip
Wings feat. Elzhi - Union
Broad Factor (Bayk'd Remix) - Quasimoto
Hornets Nest - Jonti
Deep Winter - Dibia$e
Drums Drums - QN from Simi Lab
October. - HashFinger
Searching - OneofUs
Flying Fish - uhoh
Gettin' It Done - Shag
Microphone Mizery - Truth By Design
Yes Party People feat. Kero One - Green Tea
Crass Machinery - SiFunk
Dance With You - SE1DavidE
Love Story - Mecca83
Pat Britt - Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie
Nightlife - Audio Dope
Simply Having - Black Milk & Melanie Rutherford
Question - First Notice
Sit Back Relax 1.0 - Moon Blazers
MCs Never Die - Ace da Vinci
Lunar Jewels - Moka Only
Masonic Vocals - Planet Asia & Madlib
Hustlin - Cru the Dynamic
Sad March - Millelemmi
Vessels - AstroLogical
New Cents - Futuristic
Hypnopomic - Illoquence
ceiling leak - blue (aka isle child)
Spirited - Liston
Dry Sun - Nym
With You - polographia
Pellicule - 不可思議/wonderboy (R.I.P.)

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