DJ Day - Giles Peterson Worldwide Mix

I believe I seen this mix posted on net before but it must have slipped my mind to download it. Anyhow Palm Springs very own DJ Day made this mix for the Giles Peterson show a few years back in June of 2007 spinning some fantastic downtempo/funk and Hip Hop joints.

DJ Day is one of the few deejays that never disappoints me mixwise. I may not enjoy every tune he spins but he has great ears and always exposes me to some fantastic tunes.

DJ Day
Giles Peterson
Worldwide Mix
(2007) |65 MB|

Miles Bonny - Yes I Do
Benny Sings - We’ll Make Love Songs
DJ Day - Sunday (7T5)
DJ Day & Blame One ft Aloe Blacc - Can't Let Up
DJ Day - A Place To Go
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Mercury
William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You've Got (DJ Day re-edit)
DJ Day - Change Your Mind
James Brown - Dead On It (U-Tern's Disco Edit)
Yosaku - Valdez
Kutiman - Music Is Ruling My World (DJ Day Remix)
Yosaku ft. DJ Day - The Bottle

DJ Day


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Eric Nord said...

I totally agree. Day has his own unique taste that makes some music listenable that I otherwise wouldn't be into. When I listen to a Day mix, I really feel like I understand his thinking (even if that's just my imagination). I think he conveys his style very effectively. His mixes are like musical manifestos.

Two other DJs that remind me of Day are J-Boogie and Sake One.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

I never a heard a J Boogie mix before but I have heard Sake 1 mix live on radio show over a year ago (Krazy Kids radio??) and he was horrible and boring. I'll check into his other mixes though and see if he's as good as you say.

Eric Nord said...

Sake is definitely hit or miss for me too.

I mentioned Sake mostly because he collaborated with J-Boogie on the "Leftism" series of mixes, the title of which I think is a not so subtle reference to the West Coast fusion of hip hop with other genres (latin, african, soul, reggae, electronic, etc).

Overall, I'm a bigger fan of J-Boogie, but it's more the range of styles I was referring to.