Tunnel Rats - Tunnel Vision

For the past week or so I've been busy archiving and deleting old files on my computer. Over 100 GBs of files to date so I haven't spend anytime digging for mixes this week so no mixes today only three solid albums.

This 2001 release by underground Christian Hip Hop collective Tunnel Rats (Dert, Sev Statik, Zane One, New Breed, Raphi, LPG) has special place for many within the underground Hip Hop scene. Unlike other Hip Hop artists that routinely rhyme about killing and violence (Jedi Mind Tricks,Necro,etc) or feature gibberish lyrics (MF Doom, Kool Keith,etc) The Tunnel Rats instead present songs about life, hope & Hip Hop.

Although their music features themes from Christianity music from the collective still hits hard for  underground. Plenty of ill rhymes and head noddin beats to satisfy any Hip Hop fan.

Tunnel Rats
Tunnel Vision
(2001) | 98 MB|

Macho - A Long Road
The Tunnel Rats - T.R.'z
Macho, Dax & Raphi - Bow Down
Jet Lag (Interlude)
Sev Statik & Elsie - Sev Statik
Dax - One's Who Do
Elsie & Zane - Ladies
Dax, Raphi, Zane & Macho feat. Theresa Jones - 2 Cents
New Breed - Tunnel Vision
God Said It (Interlude)
Sev Statik, Elsie & Jurny - Line Finish
Raphi & Sev Statik - For The Heads
Raphi - Motivate
Jurny, Elsie, Zane & Dax - Tripped Over A Dream
Raphi - One's Who Don't
Macho - Master Plan
Raphi & Macho - Pray For The Morning
Zane - Change
Raphi, Elsie & Jurny - Human Race
Macho - Everybody Else
LPG - Remember
Zane - Change (Remix) [Hidden Track]


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