DSFL Took A Hit But Is Not Out!!

For some unknown reason every single file within my Mediafire account is missing? I don't know if it was Mediafire performing maintenance or what. All I know there is no way I am going to re-upload 2 years worth of files. With the exception of my mixes I won't be re-uploading any of my previous files. All my mixes should re-uploaded by Thursday. Sorry but hopefully Mediafire can recover my files otherwise many people will miss out on the great mixes I posted over past two years. Let's hope for best.

EDIT: Heres response I got from Mediafire:

"It has been determined by Mediafire that you have repeatedly uploaded and distributed copyrighted and/or pornographic material, which is a clear violation of Mediafire’s Terms of Service. Due to this violation, Mediafire has exercised our right to terminate and delete the contents of your Mediafire account."

"Repeatedly" is twice for two mixes that were uploaded by the deejays themselves and I filed counter claims to Mediafire to not delete the files since it very easily proven that the files can downloaded. Nonetheless I've decided to use Limelinx for my posts now. With that unlike Mediafire all files not downloaded within 60 days will be automated be deleted so if you see a mix I post you better download it because I don't know how long the file will last online.

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Eric Nord said...

Noooooo!!!!! That really sucks, man. Boy am I glad I've been faithfully DL'ing your mixes all these years!!

Mediafire has been one notch below Megaupload in terms of copyrighted material. I've always been surprised how much blatant copyright infringing was going on through Mediafire. Many of these companies are now cleaning house because the government is actually prosecuting now.

If Mediafire has flagged you as a copyright violator, it's probably best to avoid them altogether. From here on out, it's probably going to get more difficult to find reliable, long term hosting for mixes. There are even rumors about Soundcloud being under threat. I'm not sure how Mixcrate will fare in all of this.

This whole situation is the exactly why I blocked Google from listing Dirt Castle back in the day. The problem is not the copyrights or the hosting companies... the problem is Google. Google gives you tons of traffic, but it also exposes you to copyright holders. If you don't show up on Google, they won't find you.

One of these days, we might want to consider pooling our resources and starting a group site that hosts its own audio files. As you know, 99% of mix DJs are happy to have us share their mixes. The mix community is definitely not the target of this file sharing crackdown.

If we started a self-hosted site that was blocked from Google and was very careful about what it posted (including tracklist no-no's), then I think we could probably have a good chance of avoiding this type of situation in the future.

Also, when you host your own files, you get a chance to take down the offending file, rather than having years worth of hard work flushed down the toilet due to Barry White's name showing up in a single tracklist. Plus, with mixes it is very very rare to get takedown requests. Copyright holders don't give a shit about mixes. And avoiding new retail mixes would probably take care of the rest.

Anyway, this is just an idea. But maybe something to think about as we proceed. Anonymous hosting will probably only get more difficult from here on out.