Chris The Vinylist - Hip To Da Jazz Underground

This is a pretty good mix of jazzy Boom bap Hip Hop from France's Chris The Vinylist.  Don't let not knowing many of the tracks within the tracklist dissuade you from listening to the mix. Although the mixing isn't as it should be it doesn't distract from the on point tracklist.

Chris The Vinylist
Hip To Da Jazz Underground
(2010) |74 MB|

Afu-Ra - Do You Want It
Major Stress - More And More
Sick Lyrical Damager - It's Over
People Without Shoes - Evil For Eternity (Remix)
Greyboy - Freestylin'
The Pharcyde - My Soul
Ghetto Philharmonic - Don't Bite The Concept (94 Remix)
Red Hot Lover Tone - 98
Kwest The Mad Ladd - What's The Reaction (Remix)
Fierce - Crab
Blahzey Blahzey - Don't Let This Rap Sh*t Fool Ya
Drama Klub - Hear No Evil
The Roots - It Just Don't Stop
Ras Kass - Miami Life
Chop Shop - The Tribute (Outro)

Chris The Vinylist


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