Chris the Vinylist - Rheinwald Underground Mix

Not the best mixed Hip Hop mix you'll listen to but the tracklist featuring some solid deep underground joints salvages this mix from France's Chris The Vinylist. I would say this mix is perfect for those who are in to discovering little known Hip Hop tunes from the 90's.

Chris the Vinylist
Rheinwald Underground Mix
(2008) |46 MB|

EC - No more
Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf - Methods
Two Outta Millions - Supremacy
The Nonce - Live and direct
Punk Babarians - The Struggle
Madflowas - Enter the Realm Part 1 (Remix)
Micranots - 141 Million Miles
Three Man Riot - The Demon
Brothers of the Mind - Rough and Tough (Nitetyme Version)
Nostra, La Hana, Bo, Kaos, Polo - Collectif Kobra
Rascalz - Clockwork
Puppets of Chaos - True dat
A Tribe Called Quest - Practice Session
James Ironhead - Crossing the Baha

Chris The Vinylist


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