DJ Inquisitive - The Black Chamber Mix

This week digging for good mxes was pretty guresome!! It's becoming so difficult to find decent mixes each week. Many deejays have completely given up and either let the mainstream dictate thier playlist or are content with making mixes out of Hip Hop's radio hits of 1991 - 1997. Deejays really need to step up their game. Within my past 26 years of deejaying I've heard many a great deejay produce some great mixes but I never thought there would come a day when I couldnt find a deejay who could impress with thier skill, creatvity and track selection.

Now this Hip Hop mix by hipster DJ Inquisitive is surprising decent. Solid tracklist and mixing. As why is it so difficult to find simple solid mixes like this one with so many deejays out there is beyond me. Anyways enjoy the tunes.

DJ Inquisitive
The Black Chamber Mix
(2007) |62 MB|

Dilated Peoples feat. B-Real - No Retreat
The Roots - Don't Say Nuthin
KRS One feat. Warren G - Let's Go
Jurassic 5 feat. Dave Matthews Band - Work It Out
Guru feat. Slum Village - Cuz I'm Jazzy
Strange Fruit Project - You (The Only Ones)
Lyrics Born - I Changed My Mind (Stereo MC's Rattlesnake Mix)
Q-Tip - Vivrant Thing
Jurassic 5 - World Of Entertainment
Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha
Talib Kweli - Get By
The Roots - Distortion To Static (Black Thought Remix)
Deux Process - Take The Dance
Pharoahe Monch - Let's Go
Lyrics Born feat. Evidence & KRS One - Pack Up (Remix)
The Roots - Don't Feel Right
Jurassic 5 - Red Hot
Ugly Duckling - Turn It Up
Lyrics Born - Do That There (The Young Einstein Hoo-Hoo Mix)
Dilated Peoples feat. Kanye West - This Way



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