Mystic - Cuts For Luck And Scars For Freedom

Although I was aware of her hit single The Life like many others I never gave much a listen to Mystic's debut album. What a shame it is filled with some quality soulful tunes. Similar to Dred Scott's Breakin Combs album it's album that once you heard it's bound to become one of your favorites.

Note: Unfortunately all I have for you is an 128 kbps version of the album. Digital deejays if you want better quality support the artist and buy the album.

Cuts For Luck
And Scars For Freedom
(2001) | 70 MB|

Ghetto Birds
Neptunes Jewels
The Gottas
The Life
Once A Week
Dave Ghetto
Forever And A Day
You Say I Say
A Dream
W (Ft Planet Asia)
Fallen Angels
Girlfriend Sistagirl
Fatherless Child
O.K. Alright
Spoken Peace
Destiny Complete


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