Mr Thing - Portable Anorak (REPOST)

I'm reposting this album since I know I have alot new visitors to the site and many of you might have missed this fantastic album. Through the past 3 years I've posted over 600 mixes and albums and this one is one of my favorites.

Edit: I didn't realize I reposted this mix a few months ago. Anywho it's still great mix.


UK's Mr. Thing, formally from the Skratch Perverts, released a new mix about two months ago. Yeah I'm a little late on this but I figure, like me, most of ya'll haven't heard this mix yet. Those of you who are knowledgeable about Thing's work know he has an incredible ear for good funky breaks. I don't know where he finds these usually unheard of joints but I just glad he finds them gives us all an opportunity to hear these gems.

There's no tracklisting and it's damn shame there isn't one. That joint at the 15 minute mark..OMG! Incredible dope! Throughout the mix you will hear various songs DJ Premier sampled. You'll hear samples for Jay Z's "So Ghetto"(27 minute mark) , Nas,KRS One & Rakim's"Classic" (29 minute mark) and a Gangstarr joint (30 minute mark) I forgot the name to.To those new to Domeshots and Fat Laces click on the tag/label for Mr. Thing at the bottom of this post to hear more his great break mixes.

One more thing 'Anorak' is british slang for someone who interested in what most people would find boring. Similar to the US term geek. As well as another name for a parka. So "Portable Anorak" is kind a play on words.

Mr. Thing
Portable Anorak
(2008) |121 MB|


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