Lord Finesse & K Def - Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains Mix

Producers/deejay extraordinaries Lord Finesse & K Def stopped by Noah Uman's Coffee Break For Heroes and Villains on New Jersey radio's WFMU a few days ago and spin two greats sets of breaks. I know sometimes some break mixes can delve into some "interesting" tunes but Finesse & K Def stick to some classic and not so classic but funky breaks. Trust me folks this is one for you collection.

Lord Finesse & K Def
Coffee Break For
Heroes and Villains Mix
(2011) |82 MB|

Hot As Balls
Olas Un Bekons


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Eric Nord said...

Hell yes!

You had me at "on the radio".

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Unfortunately you don't hear many mixes like this anymore on the radio...not even on college radio.

Eric Nord said...

True that. So we gotta keep this classic mix thing alive. I remember all those great FNF guest break sets, so I'm always on the lookout for "radio" mixes by reputable diggers. To me, there's something a bit more exciting about a live break mix. JS-1 has some pretty good live radio sets from the past few years. Jay Smooth still has occasional break sets on WBAI's underground radio. It still happens, but less and less every year.