The Illest Female Rappers - Volume 10 & 11

Here's more volumes from the Illest Female Rappers series. Rita J,Bahamadia, Invincible, Boog Brown, Mystic, Jass Bianchi,  Eternia, with a line up like that you're know these compilations feature some ill tunes.

The Illest Female Rappers
Volume 10
(2011) | 93 MB|

Kellee Maize - Volume 10 Interlude
MC Melodee - Check Out Melodee
Rapsody - Most Poetical
L.A. - Spittin' Out Blood
Lyric Jones - Trapped In The City Lights
Eternia & Pyranja - The Spell
I am Victory - Sweet Quiet Room
Boog Brown - The Best
Invincible & Bahamadia - Certified
We Are The Girl Movement - Suga-Coated
Stacy Epps & Rita J - Open Your Window
La Melodia - Come & Get It
MC Trey - It Goes On
SigNif - Flaws (Remix)
La Bruja - For Witch it Stands
Shi - Neva Understand
Mystic - The Life
Keny Arkana - Changer La Donne
Tiye Phoenix - Waking Up (The Diamond Mantra)
Jean Grae - Lights Out

The Illest Female Rappers
Volume 11
(2011) | 97 MB|

Signature Meanroe - She Will
Rogue Venom - Spaced Out
Nikki NTU - Muse
Kay Young - The Smell of Winter
Tasha (T) Yoon Mi-Rae - Meditation
Pumpkin - Depuis Le Sofa
Artis Noka - The Composition
DebOnAir - Persuasion
Aisha Sekhmet - Gunpowder
Ether L Banks - Inevitable
Rogue Venom - Revenge
Nikki NTU - Time Lords
Mecca Starr - No Sell Outs
Omega Alphatoids - Roaches
Rissa - Key To The Soul
Jass Bianchi - Some Days
Lady Essence - What I'm Feelin'
Masia One - Milktruck Man
Illfamed (Mala Fama) - Check The Flow
Tasha (T) Yoon Mi-Rae - Memories...(Smiling Tears

Illest Female Rappers


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