DJ Pratt & DJ Bizkid - Rhymesayers European Tour Mixtape

Here's two submissions from two great deejays to the Carhatt & Rhymesayers Mixtape contest. Long time visitors to DS&FL should know the names and skills of Chicago's DJ Pratt & Germany's DJ Bizkid.

DJ Pratt
Rhymesayers European
Tour Mixtape
(2011) |37 MB|

Atmosphere - Less 1 intro
Atmosphere - Sound Is Vibration
Dynospectrum - Anything is Everything
Atmosphere ft Brother Ali - Cats Vans Bags
Mass Hysteria - It Ain't Safe
Evidence - You
Blueprint ft Zero Star - The Bartender
Grieves & Budo - Bloody Poetry
Eyedea & Abilities - Burn Fetish

DJ Bizkid
Rhymesayers European
Tour Mixtape
(2011) |13 MB|

DJ Bizkid - Intro
Atmosphere - She's Enough
Blueprint - Keep Bouncing
Grieves - Bloody Poetry
Brother Ali - The Believer
Blueprint - The Bartender
Grieves - On The Rocks
Brother Ali - Tight Rope
Evidence - You
Atmosphere - Just For Show

DJ Pratt


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