DJ Connect - Hip Hop Mixtape Volume 5

I've already posted the previous volumes of DJ Connect Hip Hop Mixtape series (Here) now he's back with a fifth volume within the series.

DJ Connect
Hip Hop Mixtape Volume 5
(2011) |81 MB|

Visionaries - Audible Angels
Dilated Peoples - Love & War
Ed O.G. - Situations (blend)
Group Home - Livin Proof
Bumpy Knuckles - Who Knows Why?
Non Phixion - Black Helicopters
D.I.T.C. - The Enemy
Afu-Ra - Equality ft. Ky-Mani Marley
Dj Connect - Scratch Interlude
Cappadonna - Milk the cow
Kamachi - The Best ft. Guru
KRS-One - Represent The Real ft. Das Efx
Mass Hysteria - Fall Out ft. Juice
B-1 - Cardinal Sins ft. Kool G Rap, BOMB
Planet Asia - Livin´It Up (Blend)

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