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I've been meaning to listen to this mix for a couple of years now but it always slipped my mind to download it. With so many mixes out there things do fall between the cracks but I finally give this 2008 mix a listen and it was as good as I expected. Yeah I know it's hard to go wrong with The Roots but still when great songs are mixed together perfectly they sound even more better.

"This mix was inspired by a Roots concert that I saw in February 07. While watching the concert, I remember thinking to myself that Hip Hop isn't dead, it's just growing up. Hip Hop as a culture and art form must progress and develop in order to survive and stand the test of time. The original Hip Hop generation is getting older and getting more educated. We are not too far away from the first Hip Hop president (maybe even just a few months away). The Roots represent the direction that Hip Hop music should be headed. I'm not saying that all acts need to be live bands. But those MC's and producers that fuse the core elements with innovation will keep the art form alive and relevant."

The Roots
(2008) | 49 MB|

Act Two (Love of my life)
Livin In a New World
Come Together
Beatles - Come Together
Take it There
Rock You
Distortion to Static
Stay Cool
Al Hurt "Harlem Hindo"
Sly and the Family Stone "Star"
Don't See Us b/Lost Ones
Don't See Us (Madlib Remix)
Do U Want More?
In the Music
Don't Say Nuthin
Next Movement
Game Theory
Incredible Bongo Band "Apache"
Thought at Work



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