Fuzz & Mac - Remember This

This is one of my favorites albums from one of my favorite new groups. Those of you who heard my mixes through the years should be familiar with the name since I included two songs from this album within my mixes; Remember This (The Kickback Vol 4) & Keep Talking (True School Beatdown Volume Two).

In early 2009 Fuzz & Mac (Fuzz Jaxx & McClain Sullivan) released and sold this album only at their shows but due to  Talib Kweli's people hearing the album which included the song "Keep Talking" ,which is reworking his song "The Perfect Beat", the album was later re-released in 2010 with three new songs and the aforementioned song dropped the new Remember This.

With my download I kept tracklist of the original album and included the 2011 song by Fuzz & Mac "Clue You In".

Fuzz & Mac
Remember This
(2010) |66 MB|

Carolina Sky
Think I May
Space To Breathe
Rescue You
Forgotten War
Remember This
Keep Talking
We Want Hip Hop
My Heart
Never Let You Go
Passing By
Whole New World

Clue You In


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