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The homie from up north is back and taking it back with a mix of Freestyle. When it comes to Freestyle I have say most Freestyle mixes are a disaster. Usually a Freestyle is mix made by someone who wasn't deejay during Freestyle's heyday in mid to late 80's. By summer 1989 Freestyle was dead that is something the younger heads don't remember. So today a "Freestyle mix" usually equals a younger (Asian) deejay slam mixing Freestyle like it's top 40 crap rap with tracklist consisting of  songs that were never popular with the scene and released after it's heyday.

Now DJ Suicidal ,like myself, was spinning the music back when it was popular not like other deejays who started spinning during 90's. So what you have here is a genuine mix by a genuine Freestyle DJ not someone trying spin a music they don't know much about.

DJ Suicidal
Freestyle Music
(2011) |117 MB|

Don't Take My Love Away - Lydia Lee Love
Notice Me - Sandee
Fantasy - Debbie Deb
Like A Child - Noel
Change On Me - Cynthia
Honey To a Bee - Tina B
We Can Work It Out - Arlene
Because Of You - Cover Girls
Tell U So - Nocera
Party Your Body - Stevie B
Say It's Gonna Rain - Will To Power
Roses Are Red - Maribel
Rock Me - Connie
Young Ladies - Fast Lane
Lookout Weekend - Debbie Deb
Security - Beat Club
Special Love - April
If Leave Me Now - Jaya
Silent Morning - Noel
Show Me - Cover Girls
All I Ever Need - Trinere

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