DJ Jedi - Live At The Do Over

A few months ago DJ Jedi  released this nice mix of Funk,RnB,Soul& Hip Hop recorded at The Do Over in 2009. Sorry no tracklist but the mix contains plenty of great music.

Unfortunately though the mix was uploaded as a stereo file but the right side was silent. I had to copy the left side and paste it in right side. So this isn't technically a stereo file but double mono but since it's 128kbps file most of you should'nt noticed any difference.

"You'll find everything and the kitchen sink in this set. Over the course of an hour, you'll hear me rockin' everything from Dilla to Ice Cube to classic boogie funk. I also somehow managed to cram some New Jack Swing and Brazilian treats in there too. Somehow it all works out.
Regular master of ceremonies Aloe Blacc was out of town that day. But big shout to LA legend Medusa and the multi-talented Jneiro Jarel, who more than capably held down the crowd motivation duties in Aloe's absence.

DJ Jedi

DJ Jedi
Live At The Do Over
(2009) |48 MB|

DJ Jedi

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