Chorizo Funk - MJ Tribute Mix (Live from Body Rock)

I'm sure you seen many Micheal Jackson tributes all over the net recently and if you can stand one more here's a live mix by Chorizo Funk. And as always you know Chorizo spins some funky tunes. While most MJ tributes would focus on his music from Thriller days and onward Chorizo prefers to delve into Micheal's early funkier years with the Jackson 5.

"I recorded my set at the MJ tribute we did earlier this month. Party was off the chain! Many thanks to the new faces and vets, aint no doubt that we celebrated his legacy. It was about a two and half hour set condensed down to less than an hour & half."
Chorizo Funk

Chorizo Funk
MJ Tribute Mix
(Live from Body Rock)
(2011) | 100 MB|

Chorizo Funk


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