Cee & Bekah - The Soul Movement Originals (REPOST)

I'm reposting this album since I know I have alot new visitors to the site and many of you might have missed this fantastic album. Through the past 3 years I've posted over 600 mixes and albums and this one is one of my favorites.


An Australian Soul/Hip Hop duo consisting of an white emcee and Desi singer? You know this either works great or fails miserly. You also know I don't post wack stuff so trust me this duo can deliver with the good music.

Australia’s Cee & Bekah have been dropping The Soul Movement mixtapes (Here) since 2007. After three volumes of the mixtape they have finally released an full length album.

Cee & Bekah
The Soul Movement Originals
(2010) | 178 MB|

Anything For You
The Charts
Get It Right
Tomorrow (I'll Be Gone) ft. Jessica Kaya
Ain't No Mountain ft. Notion
Do It All Again
Perfected Rawness ft. KrisblaiR
Free ft. GNZ
Beautiful Struggle ft. Cesar Comanche
Chosen One
Melbourne City (I Like It)
Ven Aqui
THC (Reefer Diary)
Get Live
Scream At Your Muhhfuckin' feat. Notion & Tommy Gunnz
Take This Feelin' ft. Notion
Never Going Away - The Understudies & The Movement Fam (Bekah, Cee, Livin' Poetry, Self Advocate, Citizen, Notion, Fly Cobb)

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