DJ Saminilla - I Used To Love Hip Hop

Listening to this mix reminds me of the compliation cassettes I used to make in mid 90's. Sometimes I would mix one song into another and other times just fade out songs. That's what DJ Saminilla chooses to do with 20 minute mix.

Speaking of old mixes I tried to find a mix I recorded in 1994 but I seem to have misplaced the cassette. However I did find some recordings of 92.3 The Beat mixes from the mid to late 90's by DJ Numark, DJ Jam, Icy Ice, Jumpin Joe Rodriguez and "DJ Sanji" or maybe it was "DJ Seiji" . There'a alot static, my reception of the LA station wasn't that good here in San Bernardino, so I'll see if I can clean them up a bit before posting.

DJ Saminilla
I Used To Love Hip Hop
(2010) | 18 MB |

I Used To Love HER (Remix) - Common
Enough Beef - Sway ft. Chino XL, Common, Royce Da 5'9" & Tech
I Did It Like That - Ugly Duckling
Concrete Schoolyard - Jurassic 5
Mixtapes - The Nonce
Respiration - Black Star

DJ Saminilla


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