DJ Mane One - 85 - Louis Jordan Tribute & 86

Well by the time you read these Mane One's 30 Minute Mix series has concluded with the final mix #100. As you can see I still a couple more mixes to post (14 to be exact) before posting the final mix. Until I reach the final mix here's Mane One's tribute Louis Jordan and since I'm know many of you may not be feelin the Swing music I'm dropping # 86 upon you today as well.

"Louis Jordan's voice is just fuckin' great. With the help of The Tympany Five, Louis made great Rhythm and Blues from the 1930s to 1950s. This mix is perfect for any swing dance event."
Mane One

DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
Louis Jordan Tribute
85 (2011) |44 MB|

Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
How Bout' That
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
Don't Worry Bout' That Mule
Reconversion Blues
(You Dyed Your Hair) Chartreuse
Choo Choo
I Like Em' Fat Like That
Crazy Baby
School Days
You Rascal You (with Louis Armstrong)
Beans and Cornbread
Knock Me a Kiss
Baby It's Cold Outside (with Ella Fitzgerald)

"I didn't really have any planned mix. I grabbed records from my shelves and crates and just mixed stuff I haven't heard in a while. It's crazy because this might be the first 30 minute mix where I play a reggae song. What the hell do I know about reggae? Geez, to me, Pass The Duche is a great reggae song. Haha. It might be the first and LAST reggae song that appears in my mix. Pardon the skips, some of my records were really dirty."
Mane One

DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
86 (2011) |43 MB|

The Magnificent Seven - The Clash
Woman - Barbaras
Fascination - Human League
I Wanna Be Your Lover - Prince
Long Train Runnin' - Doobie Brothers
Cry Like A Baby - Aretha Franklin
Keep On Using Me - Bill Moss & The Celestials
Haboglabotribin' - Bernard Wright
Scarlett Pu**y - Prince
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
I'm Still In Love With You - Sean Paul
Misdemeanor - Foster Sylvers
Lovin' You Baby - Charles Bradley


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Eric Nord said...

100?! ...Damn! I didn't realize he was on a 100 mix trip. That's crazy.