Adrian Champion - Stars and Stripes (REPOST)

I'm reposting this mix since I know I have alot new visitors to the site many of you might have missed this fantastic mix. Through the past 3 years I've posted over 600 mixes and this one is one of my favorite remixes.


With all the music released these days many things get overlooked and this is one of those things that I missed when it was released.

Producer Adrian Champion released a masterpiece with this "re-imagined" album. Blending songs from the indie rock band The White Stripes with some of Hip Hop's best emcees is something at face value would seem not to work. However as "Stars & Stripes" demonstrates some ideas no matter how off the wall seem to work so well.

Surprising though there's no remix featuring The White Stripes best known (most Hip Hop styled)  song "Seven Nation Army".

Ms. Doorbell

Jolene's Ether

Adrian Champion
Stars & Stripes(2009) |121 MB|

Bombs Over Orchids (The White Stripes + Outkast)
Icky Says (The White Stripes + Pharoahe Monch)
Ante Up Every Way (The White Stripes + MOP)
Turn it Up (The White Stripes + Kanye West)
Ms Doorbell (The White Stripes & Mos Def)
Cash Run (The White Stripes + Notorious BIG + Pac)
Got Yourself a Cannon (The White Stripes + Jay-Z)
Jolene's Ether (The White Stripes + Nas)
One More Corner (The White Stripes + Common)
Dangerous Love (The White Stripes + Busta Rhymes)
Fucking Apples (The White Stripes + Eminem)
Tha Countdown Blues (The White Stripes + Redman)
Stars & Stripes (The White Stripes + Adrian Champion + Brian Jacobs)

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