Idasa Tariq - Pissed Off Soul Man

2009's Smiling Faces EP by Pittsburgh's Idasa Tariq had it's fair share of good tunes but his latest album Pissed Off Soul Man Idasa's far outshines his previous work.  As I keep saying new solid Hip Hop is still being made you just have to dig for it.

Idasa Tariq
Pissed Off Soul Man
(2011) |106 MB|

I Ain’t Sweatin’ The Pressure
Raisin’ The Bar ft. A.P.E.X.
All On The Line
Turn Ya Speakers Up
Shut ‘Em Down ft. Jasiri X, E-Fluent & Ayatollah Jaxx
Grown Man
Spend Some Time With You
Soul Brothers ft. Kymel Yard
2 The Stars ft. Ensilence
Shadow Of Your Smile
Zone Out
I Do It Myself (Bonus Track)

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