DJ Pratt - Its that Simple Vol 1

Here's volume one of a new mix series from Chicago's DJ Pratt. check the tracklist nothing but newer Hip Hop for all of us who still love Hip hop and not stuck in past. New ill Hip Hop is still being made but you just have dig for it.  Thanks to DJ Pratt you now have starting point to find dope 21st century Hip Hop.

DJ Pratt
It's that Simple Vol 1
(2011) |85 MB|

Table Talk - Hail Mary Mallon
Everything We Have Together Is Falling Apart - Analog(Ue) Tape Dispenser
Gin River - Qwel & Maker
Land Of The Shadows - Sick Jacken(Brandon Allday Remix - Gotbars Edit)
Word To The Flies ft. DJ Spontanous  - Psalm One
Action - Saukrates (Gotbars Edit)
Bad Mufu**er Pt.2 - Brother Ali (Gotbars Edit)
It's On - Rubberoom
Once We're Kings - Mally
Movement Music - Malcom & Martin
Sweet Cream In It - J.E.L
Rebel Yellow - Cecil Otter
Summerchild - Rift Napalm & Meaty Ogre
Statistics Ft. Invincible - The Left (Gotbars Edit)
Which Way Is Up Ft. Aesop Rock - Atmosphere
Last To Know Ft. Tonedeff - DJ JS-1
We Do The Work, You Do The Pleasure - Central Services (RIP Camu Tao)
Rainbow God - Void Pedal
Babylon - Outkast (Gotbars Edit)
Blessing - F. Stokes & Lazerbeak

DJ Pratt


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