Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine - Nightmare On Beat Street

I got new mix for you from Diamond District's Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine. I'll let Q explain the concept behind this ill mix of 80's joints himself:

I came up with the title "Nightmare on Beat Street" as a play on "Nightmare on Elm Street". The main character Freddy would kill his victims in their sleep and the only way for them to avoid this fateful outcome was to "Wake-Up". I feel Hip-Hop (Beat Street) is in this situation now...

I made this mix the weekend after Gucci Mane got his "Ice Cream" face tattoo. I wanted to produce a blend tape that represented the exact opposite of where I see the culture going, and revisit a time when Hip-Hop was truly a tool for teaching, knowledge and especially Black Pride.
Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine

Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine
Nightmare On Beat Street
(2011) |39 MB|

Word To The Mother(Land) - Big Daddy Kane
Words I Manifest - Gang Starr
Straight Out The Jungle - The Jungle Brothers
Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It? - X-Clan
Rock Dis Funky Joint - Poor Righteous Teachers
Wake Up - Brand Nubians
The Ghetto - Rakim
A Bird In The Hand - Ice Cube
Build and Destroy - Boogie Down Productions
F**k The Police - N.W.A.
Brothers Gonna Work It Out - Public Enemy
Drop The Bomb - Brand Nubians

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Supa Qool DJ Quartermaine


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chillone said...

you should post the pic with gucci man. that tattoo is so wicked. ugly mark for life, for real!!!

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

No way Chill I don't what that on my blog. lol

Mista WARZ!!! said...

After readin' your post I went to investigate the aforementiond 'Ice Cream' tat.
I can only shake my head in disbelief, I've got nothin' againgst tattoo's (I've got em myself) but Gucci Mane's new ink work is nothing short of self mutilation.
And a poor display of artwork to boot.
A sad state of affairs in Hip Hop indeed.
Still, keep up the good work ya put out on here, Peace.