The Roots & Nas - The Roots Picnic 2011

Here's live recording of The Roots at their annual "Roots Picnic". Last year featured DJ Jazzy Jeff (Here) collaborating with The Roots now this year they had Nas put in appearance on the mic. I wouldn't call this The Roots best performance but Nas did put on a good show.

Also what the hell happened to Black Thought? (Here). That man have gained some serious weight!!

The Roots & Nas
The Roots Picnic
(2011) | 158 MB |

Intro (What They Do)
Step Into The Realm
The Fire
Stay Cool
Concerto Of The Desperado
The Mic (ft. Truck North)
How I Got Over
Here I Come
Get Busy (ft. Dice Raw & Peedi Peedi)
Jungle Boogie
Get Down (ft. Nas)
It Ain’t Hard To Tell (ft. Nas)
The World Is Yours (ft. Nas)
Made You Look (ft. Nas)
One Mic (ft. Nas)
Nas Is Like (ft. Nas)
If I Ruled The World (ft. Nas)
Hip Hop Is Dead (ft. Nas)
The Next Movement
The Seed 2.0
The Bottle
Men @ Work

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