Hamza 21 - LMNO - The Journey Of James Kelly

I've been meaning to make this mix for several months now. With James Kelly better known as LMNO delivering 10 albums within one year someone had to make a mix of some the albums best tunes.

I got another tribute mix coming for you next month. Who will I pay tribute to? Someone you would lest suspect and someone most of you have slept on. Until then enjoy the mix.

The Dynamic Hamza 21
The Journey Of James Kelly
(2011) | 53 MB|

All In
All Out
Analog Catalog ft. Key Kool
Mercy ft. Key Kool
Hard To Do
See You Later ft. LD
The Oneness
The Gift
Kragenoff ft.Kev Brown
That Bang ft. Mr. Brady
Make A Difference
Cali Queen ft. LD
In Love
Banger Management ft. Mr. Brady & LD
Good Gawd
Head Banger ft. Theory Hazit
Time To Run ft. Theory Hazit
All Seeing ft. Key Kool & 2Mex
Long Time Coming ft. LD
Boom Bap(tism) ft. Theory Hazit

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