DJ Vajra - Showin Off/ The Bboy's Best Friend

These two mixes by Colorado's turntable master DJ Vajra have been in my collection for nearly a year. Unfortunately these two spectacular mixes are only available as 22050 Hz - 96kbps mp3 files. I've been searching for  better files but to no avail. Still although these files are not suitable for your car's sound system there are sufficient for your mp3 players.

The first mix "Showin Off" DJ Vajra rocks some great Hip Hop blends and cuts. On "Bboy's Best Friend" Vajra beatjuggles some funky breaks for all the Bboys/Bgirls out there.

DJ Vajra
Showin Off
(2008) |20 MB|

MVP Blend - Big L
It Ain't Hard To Tell Blend - Nas
Guess Who's Back Blend - Rakim
Madizm Blend - Channel Live ft. KRS One
The Bridge - MC Shan
Wrong Side Of The Tracks Blend - The Artifacts
I Gotcha Blend - Lupe Fiasco
Top Billin Blend - Audio Two
Unknown Track/Born To Roll Blend
Woo Hah Blend - Busta Rhymes
Hip Hop Junkies Blend - Nice And Smooth
Callin' Me Blend - Consequence
Get Me Back On Time, Engine Number 9 - Wilson Pickett
Unknown Track
DJ Vajra Jurassic 5 Beatjuggle and Scratch
DJ Vajra Scenario Scratch
Little Miss Lover - Jimi Hendrix
Intergalactic Blend - Beastie Boys

DJ Vajra
The Bboy's Best Friend
(2008) |20 MB|

DJ Vajra


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