DJ Shred One - Dance Music

For those who like Boogie (Disco/Funk) this mix by RRS Feed member Shred One is just for you. Made especially for the Fresh Meat Danceteria Dance Music show the mix contains a fair amount of good funk driven disco.

DJ Shred One
Fresh Meat Danceteria
Dance Music
(2011) |77 MB|

2 Win U Back - the Jones Girls
Better by the Minute - Glass Pyramid
You Are My Number One - Katie Kisson
I'll Do My Best - the Ritchie Family
It's All Yours (shred one shrEDIT) -Starpoint
You Can't Run From My Love - Stephanie Mills
Special - Dolette McDonald
I"m on the Real Side - Lisa Hill
Mind Up Tonight - Melba Moore
I Choose U - Confection
Pass the Dutch (instrumental) - Miss E
Play it by Ear - Cojo
Use Me Loose Me - the Paul Simpson Collection
Love (is gonna be on your side) - Firefly
You Don't Care (about our love) - China Burton
The Very Best in You - Change

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